Winter pruning in the landscape

December is rolling back around!

As our trees & shrubs loose their leaves and reach dormancy, it is believed we can take pause on all responsibilities in our lawn & landscapes. However the dormant winter season brings many opportunities to drastically improve the health of our plants and the values of our properties.

Many of the plants in our landscapes are deciduous, meaning they loose their leaves in the fall. This allows us the opportunity to view and make the proper cuts needed to reduce and renew overgrown ornamental trees/shrubs. These plants do not become stressed by winter pruning and respond well with new growth in the spring.

Types of plants that enjoy a winter pruning:

.Hydrangea paniculata & macrophylla varieties. 

 These ornamental shrubs bloom on new wood so cutting them back during the proper season will encourage new growth and more attractive flowers 
.summer flowering trees/shrubs.
Ornamental shrubs/trees that bloom in late summer including, rose of sharon, smoke bush, kousa dogwoods, vitex, butterfly bush.
.Evergreen/deciduous trees.
Removing low overhanging limbs will help prevent possible damaged branches and future plant health issues. Raising the canopy on trees will also allow for more sunlight to reach the grass beneath, yielding a healthier understory.

If you or someone you know is interested in a free estimate we would be happy to take a look at your landscape or property to make suggestions for winter pruning and plant rejuvenation this season.

Thank you, Zachary