Planting with winter in mind.

In order to truly enjoy a well balanced landscape, all 4 seasons must be considered in the garden design process.
Average contractors commonly look past some of these areas but Cedar Horticulture focuses on the finer details. We use winter intrests as the foundations of our landscape designs. 

Here is a few of our favorite planting ideas for some added winter charm. Boring wintertime gardens are not acceptable!

Evergreens & Evergreens

For obvious reasons evergreens come to mind, these year long garden forms allow for bold backdrops. Consider golden arborvitae or dwarf blue spruce for an added variety of tones beyond typical shades of green. 

Needles and cones normally come to mind when first thinking about evergreens but there are broadleaf varieties as well. Ranging from formal boxwood hedges to lush patches of rhododendrons. Some forms of broadleaf evergreens also bloom flowers in other seasons, providing wide ranges of intrest. 

Barks & Branch Structures.

The leaves have long dropped and our deciduous trees can finally show off their unique framework. 
Textured and twisted branches create the most interesting aspects in winter garden displays. 

Introduce ornamental shrubs such as corkscrew hazel for a unique feel like no other. Selections of birch trees will flaunt exfoliating bark and red/yellow twig dogwoods for bursts of contrasting colors.


Foliage & Berries.

Perennial foliage can be left in ways that adds depth and softens the gardens, all while providing shelter for valuable wildlife activity. 

Fruiting shrubs & trees provide vital food sources during the winter months when other sources have been buried with snow. These plants not only serve a purpose but also presents striking berry displays, bringing iconic seasonal images.
Examples: beauty berry, eastern red cedar, serviceberry, crabapple

Combine these ideas with other seasonal schemes.

Please inquire for more winter planting ideas.
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