Native plant design in Easthampton Massachusetts

Co-exist rather then compete with nature.

Ecological landscaping, also known as sustainable landscaping, is a set of techniques we practice that emphasize on environmental stewardship, resource conservation, and habitat balance. By implementing these landscape design practices our team creates interesting and functional landscapes that are also environmentally friendly.

Because we utilize native plants in our landscape designs, we protect beneficial species of pollinators and wildlife, at the same time reducing the need for excessive maintenance, overwatering, and fertilizing.

We offer eco-friendly landscaping services that are designed to enhance your property with seasonal interest while promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship. From choosing the right plants and materials to implementing rain barrels and composting systems, our team of professional landscapers can help you create a beautiful, low maintenance landscape that benefits both your property and the local ecosystem.

So why not give ecological landscaping a try and see the difference you can make? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and together we can begin planning your next landscape project.

Check out our eco-friendly landscape design services below.

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Pollinator plantings in Northampton Massachusetts

Mini meadow plantings

Ready to add some natural beauty to your property while simultaneously supporting the local ecosystem? Consider going with one of our mini meadow plantings!

A mini meadow is a type of pocket pollinator garden that uses a blend of perennials and native grasses to create a naturalistic landscape. Our mini meadow plantings require minimal maintenance, offer wide ranges of seasonal blooms, and provide benefits to the environment.

By attracting pollinators, reducing water runoff, improving soil health, and promoting biodiversity, a mini meadow planting is a natural solution that can help reduce lawns sizes and create a more sustainable and alluring landscape.

Mini meadows are an increasingly popular lawn alternative for clients who want to create a natural oasis right in there own yards. We have several size options available depending on your specific needs.

Mini meadow plantings begin around $3,000+

Rain garden design in Northampton Massachusetts

Rain gardens & frog ponds

Frog ponds and rain gardens are havens for local wildlife, providing a home for everything from birds and butterflies to frogs and fish. These features can help support a healthy and diverse habitat right in your own backyard.

Rain gardens are designed to capture and filter rainwater, reducing the amount of runoff that enters the stormwater system. By redirecting rainwater to a rain garden, you can help prevent flooding, erosion, and water pollution.

A well-designed rain garden can be a stunning display of colors, textures, and shapes, incorporating a variety of plants that thrive in wet conditions. These plants can include everything from flowering perennials to ornamental grasses, creating a diverse and dynamic landscape that changes with the seasons.

At Cedar Horticulture we specialize in creating custom frog ponds and rain gardens that are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing landscaping. Our team of sustainable landscapers will work with you to design a frog pond or rain garden that meets your specific needs and preferences. Native plants are often a good choice for rain gardens because they are well-suited to the local climate and require less maintenance.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards creating a more beautiful, sustainable, and eco-friendly landscape.

Rain gardens & frog ponds begin around $6,000+

Hedge & shrub trimming in Northampton Massachusetts

Habitat landscape designs

Imagine a uniquely striking outdoor space that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home, but also provides a haven for local wildlife and helps to protect the environment at the same time. That’s the beauty of habitat landscape designs.

By incorporating native plants, water features, and other habitat elements, we create landscapes that are not only attractive, but also serves as a functional habitats for birds, butterflies, and other beneficial wildlife.

Habitat loss is one of the biggest threats to wildlife today. As cities and suburbs expand, natural habitats are fractured, leaving animals with fewer places to live and less food to eat. But by creating a habitat-friendly landscape, you’ll not only be supporting local wildlife, you’ll also be creating a beautiful and immersive outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy and experience.

If you are also passionate about promoting biodiversity and supporting wildlife. Don’t wait to start creating the habitat garden of your dreams. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make a difference right in your own backyard.

Native habitat gardens begin around $6,000+

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Native landscape design in Northampton Massachusetts.

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