3 steps to a healthier lawn

#1 soil testing & fertilizer program#2 mowing & watering procedures#3 core aeration & over seeding Despite clashing viewpoints, turf grass can be an important element in our urban landscapes. When maintained with sustainable & sensible techniques lawn areas provide financial value, improve water & air quality and help protect the local environment. The following tasksContinue reading “3 steps to a healthier lawn”

Spring cleanup checklist for the lawn & garden.

Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to evaluate our lawn and garden situations.Is your property ready for the growing season? If not, that is quite alright. Cedar Horticulture has you covered!We specialize in landscape maintenance and our custom seasonal packages are built to rejuvinate the lawn & landscape. Here are some gardenContinue reading “Spring cleanup checklist for the lawn & garden.”