Benefits of mulch in the landscape.

Spring cleanups with Mulch installation in Easthampton Massachusetts

So it’s the first week of May here in Western Massachusetts and the blooms this spring have been nothing but striking! Ornamental trees bursting in whites & pinks, fresh foliage making its annual arrival and the daphodils withstanding the numerous spring rains. Its safe to say we have been gifted with a picturesque landscape thus far!
The only downside to abundant plant growth is the unsightly and invasive weeds that can come with it. In order to maintain control of our landscaping beds we must install garden mulches.
Let’s quickly go over what mulch actually is and how it will benifit your garden beds.

Technically speaking mulch is just a soil covering material. Even though mulches come in a range of styles and material types, we at Cedar Horticulture only reccomend organic bark mulch to our trusted clients. Not only does natural mulch look best, it also provides the most benifits to the plants and the soils beneath.

Some of the reasons mulch is so important to our landscape include:

Bark mulch acts as a barrier and will greatly reduce weed germination by limiting sunlight and soil exposure.

When we add rich tones of natural mulch to the flower beds around our property, it immediately brings a contrasting color that complements the existing plantings. Freshening up with a light coating each spring will garuntee a well manicured look.

Saving water is huge! When we add mulch to the gardens we will help reduce water usage during the summer heat by decreasing evaporation. Bark mulch will absorb the water and retain it longer then other mulches such as rock or rubber materials. Leaving more water available for our plants and trees vital root systems.

As natural bark mulch breaks down over time it will add organic matter back to the soils. This will increase the overall nutrients available to the plants and flower beds.

If mulching services are on your agenda this spring we ask you to consider us to be your landscaping partner. We will care for your plants and trees as if they are our own.